Schoolgirl ends life after being called ugly

London: A pretty 13-year-old British girl committed suicide after being dubbed "ugly" by her classmates, a media report said onThursday.

Poppy Bracey hanged herself with her school tie when other students picked on her after they found that she lived in foster care, Daily Express reported.

She had been told to join a model agency for "ugly people".

A desperate Poppy once took a knife to school in order to self-harm. But, the knife was found and she was sent home.

Last week, Poppy committed suicide in the bedroom of her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Her mother Aileen Kelly said: "Despite Poppy being in foster care, I spoke to her three times a day. She was a clever girl and she had been getting good grades but about six months ago it all began to go downhill. "

"Her friends didn't know she was in foster care because she didn't want them to know. But she told one and that friend told them all. Poppy told us about a number of calls she was getting on her mobile." 


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