Crooked Politicians and Cheep Political tactics by Fellow Down trodden

Her tales read like a lesson in Roman excesses. Statues, extravagant celebrations, diamonds, garlands of cash, fiery followers and a 'conspiracy' by bees!
Nothing seems to have stopped Mayawati from amassing a fortune that has Swiss Banks going: 'we need an extra floor'!
Wealthy Arab Sheikhs are nodding their heads over her Bahujan Samaj Party's grand plans for their grander leader, and even as we take the brunt of a tax month, here's Mayawati being wrapped in so much money, that it had an entire nation sitting down!
But that's not all. Here's a little history lesson on the BSP's grand plans, and how they played out for Mayawati Kumari. 

The statues: 'I want to be at every traffic light in town'
During her four tenures as Chief Minister, Mayawati erected several statues of Dalit leaders Bhimrao Ambedkar, BSP founder Kanshi Ram, and yes, of herself.
Her government even approved a plan to have a police force guard the statues. These statues and the memorial parks in which they are erected are said to have cost the state a whopping Rs. 2,000 crore. Schools, civic amenities and pensions can wait.

The Taj Corridor
The Taj Corridor project was a move to upgrade tourist facilities near the Taj Mahal, implemented during her tenure as Chief Minister in 2000-2003. The BJP government at the Centre then gave the environmental clearance required for the project. But it was stalled after questions were raised not just about the environment, but also about massive embezzlement of funds meant for the project. Mayawati denies any wrongdoing. She, however did manage to stall the much-talked about project and there was even word to pass off the half-completed construction as relics to tourists!
Happy birthday to me!
Mayawati's birthdays have been major media events where she appears laden with diamonds and assorted jewellery.
In 2010, a BSP activist said he bought a lunar plot from the US-based Lunar Republic Society, for Mayawati, on her 54th birthday. He said the society openly sells plots on the moon, and presented her with the registration paper duly signed by its member-secretary Margaret Hayes Barton. The papers, however, did not show the price for the plot.

More in tax than Mukesh Ambani: She is the best Tax payer in the Country than other Hippocratic Business people and Politicains for the past 125 Years 
In the 2007-08 assessment year, Mayawati paid more income tax than industrialist Mukesh Ambani, to be among the richest people in the world, She was the top taxpaying politician, and ranked among the 20 top taxpayers in the country - with a massive Rs 26.26 crores as income tax.
According to Mayawati's own affidavits filed in the 2004 Lok Sabha polls and the 2007 Uttar Pradesh Legislative council polls, her financial worth jumped from 16.07 crore in 2004 to 52 crore in 2007.
In 2008, she told the IT appellate tribunal that immovable property worth Rs.6.2 million and cash payments of Rs.1.2 million were 'gifts' from supporters.
Anil Ambani thrown out of UP
The Mayawati government applied brakes on Anil Ambani's Reliance Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project in Noida by forwarded a report to the Central government specifying that 1200 acres of land for the project was not contiguous, and thus violated Government guidelines for SEZs. Anil Ambani is know to be close to Maywati's arch rival in Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav and his Samajwadi Party.

Crooked Politicians  and Cheep Political tactics by Fellow Down trodden
In 2003, Samajwadi Party legislators presented a video cassette and a CD to the State Governor, which they claimed showed Mayawati asking her MLAs to hand over money from their annual constituency fund towards BSP's party fund. Stung by the revelation, Mayawati hit out at her political detractors and filed over 140 police cases against Mulayam Singh Yadav, accusing him of a whole range of illegalities.


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