NIIT - Warangal : Scam in Recruitment of Faculty

Courtsey: Sakshi Daily

YV Rao Tuse Great Ho!

No space left for Scandals.. even for teaching the nobel profession is fully spoiled by Communalism, castism.. and over and above Salable product for High price

Mr.YV Rao is known for his communal Politics in His raise from NIIT Surth kal , Karnataka. Where he used to take revenge over other Community students in the name of Money and lust for his community..

He continued the same In warangal .. he know for Power politics with the help of his community. I am wondering is teaching not for other communities in India..
He must be punished and must be booked under Anti currpution laws and all his service must scraped as he did not add any value to the Profession of teaching

It MHRD and the new Commission for Education to look into this kind of Dirty Politics by the Directors and Managements in Universities and Pvt. Universities must be brought under Scanner for the Healthy growth of education in INDIA


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