Personality Splits: Discussion

Why Split personality?

Split personality?
Hey you’re so much fun!’ you tell someone when talking to them online. But meet them in person and they turn out to be completely different! We often interact with people online and find them fun and nice to talk to. But when you meet them face-to-face, you realise that there is much more to their personality than what they portray online. You also end up feeling that you’re more comfortable talking to them online.
Singer and songwriter Ambika Jois, who has faced such situations often, says, “I network online with many musicians, actors, models etc. When I meet them in public, they turn out to be nicer or cockier than they are online.”
Talking about an incident, Ambika says, “I came across a contact who gave me advice on managing university life alongside other aspirations. I didn’t know much about him. Last month, he recognised me on the streets and talked to me. His approaching me freaked me out. Over dinner, I found out that he’s working for the police force, something I never knew before!”
Realising that people are completely weird after meeting them personally, is something that academic associate Anulipi Ghosh has faced. “I talk to a lot of people online. But when you meet them, you realise that sometimes you just don’t gel with them. You have awkward silences and they can turn out to be inconsiderate, withdrawn, silent or even creepy!” she says.
This happens mostly because people pretend to be someone else online, she says, adding, “The person is probably an introvert. But being online makes him/her comfortable ‘cos they feel like they’re in control of the conversation.”
When communicating with people online everyday, you sometimes build a rapport and begin to share an amazing level of comfort. But once you meet them in person and get to know what they’re really like and you’re zapped!
Says graduate Priya I, “I used to interact with this girl from college online after we graduated. After a year, we finally met and she turned out to be extremely rude — very unlike what she was online. I wasn’t even comfortable talking to her.”
Recollecting an incident that happened to her friend, production manager Nilma Dileepan, says, “My friend met this guy online and he was very outgoing. But when they finally met, he didn’t speak a word! He was very reserved. When you chat online, you will see only the words, you won’t know about the person’s body language and other aspects.”
So the next time, remember not to judge people only by their online appearances. Sometimes, a direct hug or hand shake is better than a poke on Facebook


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