Mayavathi: Tall in political arena on par with Sonia Gandhi

Why media is not able to digest Popularity of Dalit Daughter Mayavathi?

1. She is growing than other So called politcal leaders of other parties
2. BSP is emerging as one of the Deciding factor of Indian Politics
3. To Separate Brahmins in Up with BSP
4. To Un popular Mayavathi with Gobles Propganda by the Storng Media Mafia

1.Bees and money: The buzz around Mayawati -- Sify Exclusive Story

Her tales read like a lesson in Roman excesses. Statues, extravagant celebrations, diamonds, garlands of cash, fiery followers and a 'conspiracy' by bees!
Nothing seems to have stopped Mayawati from amassing a fortune that has Swiss Banks going: 'we need an extra floor'!
Wealthy Arab Sheikhs are nodding their heads over her Bahujan Samaj Party's grand plans for their grander leader, and even as we take the brunt of a tax month, here's Mayawati being wrapped in so much money, that it had an entire nation sitting down!
But that's not all. Here's a little history lesson on the BSP's grand plans, and how they played out for Mayawati Kumari. Hold onto your book!
2.BSP workers stone newspaper office over cartoon on Maya: NDTV

A group of BSP workers allegedly stoned the office of a Malayalam daily here on Friday protesting a cartoon carried by it on the currency note garland controversy involving Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and party supremo Mayawati.
According to a spokesman of the newspaper, "Tejas", the slogan-shouting group, holding the BSP flag, smashed the office sign board and damaged a vehicle parked before it.
The protesters alleged that their leader was depicted in a "unsavoury manner" in the cartoon "unbecoming of the journalistic ethics and values".
Police said a case had been registered in connection with the incident. 

 3.mayavathi Starts Her Caste Politics again- IBN Exlusive

adesh CM has decided to sack over a 100 Brahmin lawyers.
ON A NEW PATH: Uttar Pradesh CM has decided to sack over a 100 Brahmin lawyers.
 After the controversy over garlands made of currency notes Mayawati has returned to her core Dalit votebank. In the line of fire are nearly 150 government lawyers and the Brahmin face of the Bahujan Samaj Party - Satish Chandra Mishra.
The 25th foundation day rally of the BSP was meant to be the biggest show of strength from Mayawati, but it will now be remembered for her oldest flaws - her love for Dalits and disdain for the upper castes.
First Vijay Shankar Pandey was booted out of the Chief Minister's office along with his brother Ajay Shankar Pandey.
Now the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has decided to sack over a 100 Brahmin lawyers, most of whom are considered to be close to Mishra, who is one time confidante and the upper caste face of Mayawati.
All the changes are being affected in a week when the media has gone to town with Mayawat's notes garland controversy, which has not gone down well with many Congress leaders.
So what has changed?
A poor performance in the Lok Sabaha elections along with a below par performance in the recent Assembly by-elections, coupled with the Congress breathing down the BSP's neck has got Mayawatiworried.
Rahul Gandhi is slated to visit Muslim-dominated Azamgarh along with Dalit colonies next month in the state.
So she seems to be making moves only to endear herself to her core Dalit voters, whether it is by sacking upper caste officers or by appeasing Dalits more.
Within the CM's secretariat with the arrival of Netram the Dalit balance has been worked out well.
Mishra, Mayawati's one time upper caste face, has now been relegated as being head of the legal cell.
Overall out of nine police ranges in UP, seven are headed by Dalit police officers.
Many see this as an act of desperation from Mayawati to hold on to her Dalit votes, which is not the ideal proposition for a modern state.

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