Andhra Pradesh 'S HERO YSR : Mahatma of Andhra Pradesh

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Jagan blows political bugle

Likens His Father To Mahatma

Icchapuram (Srikakulam): It was supposed to be an Odarpu yatra (journey for consoling the griefstricken) but Jaganmohan Reddy converted it into a massive political rally. The young scion of the YSR family announced loud and clear that he had arrived and whatever the Congress high command may be thinking, he was in the race for the top job in the state.

“My father is dead. But in your (people’s) heartbeat I hear my father’s heartbeat,” Jagan said loudly into the mike as his Odarpu caravan surged ahead on day one of the yatra in Srikakulam district in the north-east corner of the state. As thousands clapped and hooted, the young MP said his father left behind a big family and it was his duty to take care of it.
He said whenever he asked for anything from his mother, she used to tell him that he would get valuable gifts on his father’s birthday. “People’s love is the most valuable gift I have got now. I will never forget your love for me and my family,” he said. As his convoy, consisting of 80-100 vehicles, slowly made its way, Jagan stopped his vehicle, waved at the crowds and gave impromptu speeches, indicating he was the true inheritor of the YSR legacy. Upping the ante, he even went on to compare his father to Mahatma Gandhi. In a message to the people on the occasion of YSR’s 61st birth anniversary, Jagan said, “Our leader Rajasekhara Reddy belonged to the same league.”
“I am happy you are celebrating my father’s birthday. Mahatma Gandhi said my life is a message to the nation. My father’s life too is a message to the state of Andhra Pradesh. The way he lived and his affectionate way of wishing the people is a message,” he said.
Jagan said he was overwhelmed by the affection and love the people showered on him during his Odarpu yatras. “I learnt a lot from him. You all (people) have also learnt a lot from him. I thank each one of you with folded hands for your support,” he said. Jagan said he did not feel lonely as his father had given him a huge family that comprised the whole of AP.
The yatra resembled a road show. “Nothing more, nothing less,” said a leader following the yatra. Earlier, Jagan arrived at Icchapuram from Hyderabad by Faluknuma Express in the morning and was received by thousands of his fans and Congress workers. The young leader unveiled a statue of his father at the bus stand centre.


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