Shahrukh Khan has 300 crores under his belt

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Shahrukh Khan has 300 crores under his beltHe isn't called King Khan for nothing. In present bollywood where films are flopping like autumn leaves, SRK stands out. He is one of the few actors who can guarantee a good box-office return. And that seems to be one of the reasons why his films are selling at a high cost.
Now we hear that the combined worth of his two films, RA.ONE and DON 2 is around Rs 300 crores if the industry buzz is to be believed.
In a situation where films with big stars have flopped at the box-office, SRK's fortunes continue to soar.
Reportedly SRK's upcoming film DON 2 has been bought in advance by a film corporate for Rs 125 crores and his other film RA.ONE has a price tag of Rs 150 crore upwards.
Well, who said bollywood is going through a low phase?


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