Coach Kaushik told me it's good to have sex: Ranjitha

Independent Media

Times Now spoke with T S Ranjitha, who was allegedly sexually harassed by coach M K Kaushik. Excerpts from her statement to the TV channel. 

“One day during the camp in Bhopal, Kaushik sir called me to his room and asked me whether I have had sex. I was quiet for a while, then he said it's good to have sex. Then I told my senior that Kaushik sir spoke to me in a disgusting manner. Still I remained quiet. Kaushik sir used to have one-on-one meetings with everybody for 10-15 minutes, but with me he used to always take an hour. He used to repeatedly say that I am beautiful. Can I talk to you whenever I feel like? And this kind of a conversation used to take place very often. One day it just went out of limit. During our tour to China one night, he called me to his room and started talking about my game. Soon he started talking about all sorts of things. He said you are pretty, you stay in Mumbai alone, you must be having a lot of fun. He even said that he was available 24 hours for me. He did not say it once or twice, he repeated it at least 5 times and that too pointing at the bed. I always thought he would stop on his own. I kept forgiving him. He was about to go to Germany, and he asked me tell me if you want something from there. He even offered me something another team member had asked for, saying that if I wanted it I should meet him the next day....”


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