High command cooled down by intelligence reports

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Hyderabad: The Congress high command climbdown on Jaganmohan Reddy’s Odarpu yatra is believed to have been driven by intelligence reports, say sources.

While the high command wanted to put Jagan in his place, reports on a possible split in the party in AP had led to softening of stand against Jagan. The likelihood of 40 MLAs leaving the party with Jagan also forced the high command on a backfoot.
Though party spokesman Jayanti Natarajan ticked off Jagan for his “childish behaviour” and claimed that he knew what the party line was, the two intelligence reports warning the high command on Jagan emerging as a ‘formidable force’ changed its perception by Wednesday evening. “While Sonia was ready to deal with Rosaiah’s detractors, she is not willing to take a beating of the Congress in AP,” said a Jagan loyalist.
“Therefore, after the meeting of CMs in Delhi, Rosaiah issued the open letter stating that the high command had no objection to Jagan’s yatra,” sources said.
On Wednesday morning, chief minister Rosaiah issued a statement saying the yatra did not have the high command mandate and that party legislators should desist themselves from the yatra. Towards evening, however, there was a subtle change in Rosaiah’s stand. Sources said the Congress leadership was wary after analysing the IB reports which clearly stated that 40 MLAs might join forces with Jagan should he decide to break away.
While 17 MLAs called on Jagan before he embarked on the yatra, IB sources said the young MP has the support of 30 others who are lying low for the time being. “That Rosaiah’s morning roar turned into a whimper by evening was indicative of the high command’s worry as reports also indicated that nearly 60 MLAs could go with the MP,” a source said.
As per internal assessment, first-time MLAs, young legislators and those who owe their political career to YSR family, besides those who bond with Jagan were ready to jump the fence. Some 5-6 among 18 PRP MLAs are also ready to join Jagan bandwagon, according to the IB reports. Ministers like BalineniSrinivas Reddy, D Sridhar Babu and several MLAs taking part in Thursday’s YSR jayanti celebrations in their constituencies by ignoring Rosaiah’s “order” is a ploy by Jagan camp to send a strong message to the high command. “It’s make or break for us but we are with Jagan,” Tuni MLA Ashok Babu said.
Going a step further, Bhongir MP Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy said certain leaders were sending negative feedback to the high command. “A conspiracy is on against Jagan but the people are with him,” he said.
Interestingly, the signals of Jagan’s Sakshi TV channel were disrupted by glitches in Isro satellite transponder since Wednesday midnight. Wasting no time, the channel management tied up with another channel (N-TV’s Vanita) to broadcast Jagan’s tour till the fault is rectified. Three channels were also hit by the glitches as they fall in the same frequency mode used by Sakshi channel.


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