Veerappan’s life story in a movie

Notorious sandalwood smuggler and dacoit Veerappan’s life history will be made into a Hindi film by Ram Gopal Varma, the director who gave hits films like Rangeela, Satya, and most recently, Sarkar Raj.
Shooting will begin in August 2008, when Ram Gopal Varma will be done with his projects Contractor and Phoonk. RGV will write the story and screenplay and will produce it as well. The onus of directing this film will be on his friend and associate in direction, Prashant Pandey. Ram Gopal Varma said that this film will be made with newcomers.
At the moment, it is said that RGV is busy collecting the subject matter for this film; the chief source of facts and unheard part of Veerappan’s life is his wife Muthulakshmi. And there are speculations that Muthulakshmi might play a role in this film as well, but it has not yet been confirmed.
The film will chronicle Veerappan’s youth, his entry into smuggling, his rise as a dacoit, his love life, and finally his death at the hands of special team of police.
Ram Gopal Varma is a notable director who has made quite a lot of films based on dons and dacoits. The director has an insatiable hunger for making films based on the people from the world of crime.


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