Dow on Bhopal: Bottom line important, Indians got $500

Despite the outrage over the lack of accountability for the Bhopal gas tragedy and the failure to nail top Union Carbide officials, Dow Chemicals, which took over Union Carbide, insists that it cannot be responsible for any clean-up at the gas leak site.

In a statement, Dow says its shareholders will see no losses because Dow's policy towards Bhopal has not changed.

"Much as we at Dow may care, as human beings, about the victims of the Bhopal catastrophe, we must reiterate that Dow's sole and unique responsibility is to its shareholders, and Dow cannot do anything that goes against its bottom line unless forced to by law," the statement reads.

"Dow will not commit any funds to compensate and treat 120,000 Bhopal residents who require lifelong care. The Bhopal victims have already been compensated; many received about USD 500 several years ago, which in India can cover a full year of medical care."

Clearly Dow does not see the tragedy of the paltry compensation of 500 dollars per person for the world's worst industrial disaster that killed 20,000 people.

But it has retracted a 2002 statement by its spokesperson.

"Dow hereby wishes to retract the 2002 statement of Dow PR Head Kathy Hunt as to US $500 being 'plenty good for an Indian'. The poor phrasing of this statement has often come back to haunt us," the statement read

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