Vedam: Telugu movie review

Vedam movie is the most recent presentation of Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi in Telugu which is releasing today in the Cinema Halls. Vedam’s producer is Yarlagadda Shobhu & Devineni Prasad.

Vedam Movie Review:
In the movie review of Vedam, the film is based on the story of Allu, a cable worker, who always wears the cable wire on his shoulders with an unusual appeareance. Vedam is a combination of 5 separate stories and every tale related to 5 chief characters. Manoj Bajpai (Bollywood actor) is too performing a vital role but his counterpart is not much known. Allu Arjun, who in lead role, does the job of a cable operator. The performance of an upcoming actor is doing by Manoj Manchu (Vija Chakravarthy) & Anushka Shetty performed the role of a prostitue named Saroja.
Vedam movie Music: The music is presentated by M M Keeravani and lyrics writer for the Vedam movie is Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry, Sahiti, ES Murthy & Keeravani.
Vedam movie Final Words: Vedam film was promoted in this manner as the producers are attempting to do price cutting and assuming the movie to be in hit category on the basis of Allu Arjun. But the result of movie in hit or flop box will be determined by the viewers response.


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