Congress High command : hand in hand with YSR Son Jagan

Vundavalli’s mission ‘Patch-up Rosaiah and Jagan’

vundavalli arun kumar 
Vundavalli Arun Kumar,  is now a man with a mission. Fondly called the loud mouth of the congress party, he is desperately trying to broker peace between YS Jagan MOhan Reddy and Rosaiah at the behest of Sonia Gandhi. According to reports, the congress High Command has unofficially deputed him to cool down the tensions between Jagan and Rosaiah as he is with both the parties.
In this process, he is probably one of the few congress leaders who came in support of Jagan and claimed that the issue between Jagan and Rosaiah is very small.
This move by the Congress High Command comes as a relief for Jagan, for it indicates that Sonia Gandhi has not lost her faith in Jagan.
According Sources Congress High Command is well awre of all the Opponents of slained leader Dr YSR and their tactis over the tall leaders family.
in the past Congress nevel left any family un attended who shed thier blood for the party cause. it was Dr YSR who was the back bone of resurgence of Congress I in all south states in particular with AP after PV Narsimharao, Kotal vijay bhasker reddy who indirectly helped TDP to come to power.
it was PV narsimharao who allowed NTR down fall and raise of NCB Naidu.


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