Arjun Singh disturbed by allegations, claims local media

The vetran Congress leader who faught for the existance of sonia family is now in trouble.
For the first time since the Bhopal verdict came out earlier this week, Arjun Singh, the then Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister who is believed to have helped key accused Warren Anderson to leave the country, seems to have spoken out.
The editor of a Bhopal newspaper claims Singh told him he is perturbed over reports about his alleged role in facilitating Anderson's exit from Bhopal in a state government plane three days after the gas leak. (Did Arjun Singh arrange Anderson's exit?)

Singh is also quoted as saying that he would speak on the matter at an appropriate time.

Earlier, speaking to NDTV's group editor Barkha Dutt, Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan also did not deny that Arjun Singh needs to clarify his stand. (Bhopal gas verdict: Questions over political culpability)

When asked if she thinks that Arjun Singh owes an answer to the people of India and the people of Bhopal, she said, "Well certainly, the facts need to come out."

"The party has always maintained that all questions that are raised in any such situation must be answered properly and responsibility should be fixed. The same norm applies to this case," AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi told reporters on Thursday, but without naming Arjun Singh.

The biggest fallout of this week's verdict in the Bhopal gas tragedy case has been the refocusing of attention on Warren Anderson, who was Chief Executive Officer of Union Carbide Corporation. Anderson flew into India four days after the gas leak, on December 7. He had been charged with culpable homicide and was even taken into custody. Yet, a few hours later, Anderson flew out of Bhopal on the official plane of Chief Minister Arjun Singh. (Read: Bhopal gas tragedy: Questions over Warren Anderson's getaway)

So far, there have been several statements from investigators and aviation officials at that time that a call from the Chief Minister's office had facilitated the exit of Anderson.

The Congress party is in a spot after one of its senior-most leaders, Digvijaya Singh, said on Thursday that pressure from the USA could have been a factor in how the party's government tackled the aftermath of the Bhopal gas tragedy.(Read:Digvijaya defends Rajiv, says Arjun Singh should answer)

Speaking to NDTV from America, he said, "I don't know as I was not in Bhopal at the time of gas leak. It could be under US pressure but I am not aware of the facts." The Congressman was a minister in the Arjun Singh government in Madhya Pradesh at the time of the gas leak in 1984.

Moti Singh, who was the then Collector of Bhopal, has also suggested that the orders to provide safe and immediate passage to Anderson came from the top. "The Chief Secretary at that time called me to the room and told me to arrange for the departure of Warren Anderson," he told NDTV. (Watch: Bhopal then collector Moti Singh on Anderson)

Captain R S Sodhi, who was then Director of Aviation, Bhopal, has also told NDTV that he received a call from the office of the Chief Minister ordering him to arrange Anderson's departure.


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