madhu koda: My Enemies Have Framed Me’

My Enemies Have Framed Me’
Former Jharkhand chief minister Madhu Koda walked out of his palatial home in a huff after the raids ended on the first day and I-T and ED officials sealed some of his cupboards and trunks. His family, wife Gita and daughter Nagi, sat inside with a handful of relatives and maids. Koda, visibly disturbed and tired, initially screamed at the crowd of waiting reporters, saying he is innocent and that they should not waste their time waiting outside his home. An hour later, he allowed only four reporters inside his compound and offered brief answers. Excerpts from an interview by GOUTAM DAS in Ranchi:
What do you have to say about the raids?
It is a conspiracy to frame me. The I-T and ED officials have found nothing. I have records for everything. Everything is listed by my accountants.

But who in this state would like to frame you?
My enemies. They do not want me to come back as the chief minister. I was to launch a political party. Maybe someone in Delhi did not like it. But I will contest the elections. If I am not allowed, my representative will be there to fight the polls. You will have the name soon.

Why don’t you name your enemies?
No, I cannot.

Some of your cloest friends are also being raided by the ED and I-T officials.
They are also being framed. They are my friends and have been with me for long. They are not my business partners. I do not run any business. I do not control their money.

Did you travel abroad with any of your friends?
With all of them, Binod, Sanjay. But what’s wrong with that?

The ED and I-T officials allege that you have amassed illegal wealth and are involved in hawala transactions.
I have not done anything wrong. How many times should I say that? I am cooperating with the I-T and ED officials. You will have to believe me when I say that I have not done anything wrong.

Even Shibu Soren’s secretary is being raided.
You must ask the I-T officials why that one took place.


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