chandra Babu Naidu: It’s like 100 Bofors

Hyderabad, Nov. 13: The Telugu Desam president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, hit back at the Obulapuram Mining Corporation chief, Mr Gali Janardhan Reddy, for making personal and casteist remarks and said his audacity flowed from his money power.
“We will not be cowed down by mafia threats,” said the TD chief. “I have no prejudice against anyone. We are fighting for justice.”
Mr Naidu lost his cool when mediapersons sought his reaction to all the derisive comments made by the Karnataka politician.
“Listen....you also have responsibility like us,” he said. “You cannot question politicians alone. Media had fought emergency. This scam is more than 100 Bofors.” He warned that what had happened in Karnataka could be repeated in Andhra Pradesh if the mining mafia was not curbed.
“We are fighting on issues,” he said. “We are fighting anti-social elements. Who owns Red Gold? Where is the 50 percent share of OMC going?” he asked.


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