Who is the Culprit: Court’s verdict puts 2 mothers to agony

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Judgement did not console Ayesha'smother... why? is there any other Factors affected the Decision...

she finds fault with the Police investigation.. who are careless in FIR, and find Evidences from the Scene of Affence.. left the real victims to stay out of the investigation...

who are the people behind???

Sept. 29: The judgment in the B. Pharmacy student Ayesha Meera’s murder case left behind profound grief and agony for two mothers, belonging to poor and middle class families.

Pidatala Mariyamma, poor and physically weak woman, fainted within 10 minutes of the verdict delivered in the court on Wednesday. Mariyamma has been insisting that her son Satyambabu was innocent and did not indulge in the murder of Ayesha. But, her voiced went unnoticed either by the police or by the government. The woman has been living with her son Satyambabu and daughter Satyavati in Anasagaram village near Nandigama.

But, her life was transformed into hell with the police picking up her son in mobilephones robbery case in August 2008. Many times she alleged that police falsely implicated him in the murder case.

Finally, the court convicted him, and sentencing him for life. Ayesha Meera’s mother Shamshad Begam had undergone deep agony since December 2007 when her daughter was murdered and not been able to recover from the rude shock. She questioned why the police did not take action against the hostel management for the brutal murder of the girl on the hostel premises. She said, “I joined my daughter in the hostel with a confidence of pursuing B. Pharmacy in the local college, Ibrahimpatnam. Shamshad Begam alleged that influential Congress leader’s family members committed the heinous crime followed by rape.

She began a relentless battle to prove the guilt of the perpetrators and has been meeting the government officials, ministers, media studios and NGOs seeking justice. She, however, was disappointed with the judgment on Wednesday. “I knew the real culprits would go scot-free and innocent would be punished.”

Shamshad Begam, a resident of Tenali, admitted her daughter in the Durga Women’s Hostel in Ibrah-impatnam in 2007. Unfortunately, the girl’s life ended with brutal murder followed by rape.

Satyambabu has had an attack of G B Syndrome in 2008.


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